Youth Protection Committee

Description of Functions:

The Youth Protection Committee is appointed by the President to identify, evaluate, recommend, and implement appropriate actions to manage risks associated with campus activities involving minors. The Committee’s primary focus is to standardize policies, procedures, and risk controls for youth serving programs on, and associated with, Cal Poly, to protect minors.

The Committee shall establish a process to facilitate learning and communicating information regarding youth serving program procedures and preventative measures. The Committee membership shall include representatives from across the Campus to realize a broad range of perspectives.  The Committee shall include subcommittees designated to address specific categories of safety and risk management.

Click here for Youth Protection Committee description (PDF)

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Committee Chair(s):

Co-Chairs are Mike Morgan, Risk Manager, and Emily Rutheford, Risk Analyst

Academic Senate Term:

2 years

Academic Senate Representatives (1 representative1):

Jerusha Greenwood



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