Contact Information

Office Hours:

                     Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays  - 8am to 4pm in office

                     Tuesdays - 8am to 2pm in office, 3pm-5pm Senate meetings

                     Fridays - 8am to 4pm virtual

The Academic Senate

California Polytechnic State University

1 Grand Avenue

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

PHONE: 805-756-1258


LOCATION: Building 38, Room 143

Academic Senate Officers and Staff

Academic Senate Chair


Jerusha Greenwood, Experience Industry Management 

  • Building 11, Room 257
  • 805-756-2050


  • Set agendas, review minutes, and conduct all meetings of the Academic Senate and Executive Committee
  • Serve as a representative of the Academic Senate upon call by the President of the University
  • Meet with the President, Provost, ASI Board of Directors, and Deans Council on a regular basis and brief them on Academic Senate business
  • Prepare an annual list of charges for Academic Senate committees; the Chair shall meet with each committee/committee chair to review these charges
  • Serve as an alternate for the Academic Senate CSU when an elected statewide senator must miss a given meeting

Academic Senate Vice Chair

José Navarro, Ethinc Studies

  • Building 38, Room 140
  • 805-756-6268


  • Serves in the capacity of the Chair during his/her absence or upon the request of the Chair
  • Assists the Chair in conducting Academic Senate and Executive Committee meetings

Administrative Analyst

Sarah Best

  • Building 38, Room 143
  • 805-756-1258



  • Office management
  • Agenda and resolution development
  • Bylaws and policy analysis
  • Budget officer
  • Committee coordination
  • Database and membership list maintenance
  • Coordinator for visiting university officials
  • Technical advisor
  • Web site manager

Student Assistants



Shefali Mistry


PJ Crocker


Zora Sowinska



  • Transcribing meetings and producing minutes
  • Coordinating committee meetings and quarterly charges
  • Updating and maintaining the website
  • Supporting other functions of the Academic Senate office




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