Distinguished Scholarship Award


The 2020-2021 DSA Nomination Period is now closed.

The Academic Senate Distinguished Scholarship Award Committee invites nominations for the Distinguished Scholarship Award. Each year, three awards are presented, each accompanied by a cash prize of $2,000.

These awards recognize achievement in scholarship and creative activity across the entire range of disciplines represented at Cal Poly. They honor work conducted primarily at Cal Poly and celebrate both exemplary specific accomplishments and outstanding bodies of achievement

Faculty, students, staff, and alumni may submit nominations.  Faculty members may nominate themselves. All nominations must be submitted using the online nomination form.

All nominees must be current members of the Cal Poly faculty (i.e. members of collective bargaining unit 3) and must be active at Cal Poly for at least one quarter during the academic year in which they are nominated (for example, faculty who are on leave for an entire academic year will not be eligible for that year). Faculty members at all ranks are eligible as long as they have completed at least three years of full time service or its equivalent at Cal Poly.

Selection Criteria:

1.Quality of the creative or scholarly work as evidenced by any of the following:

  • Extensive peer recognition of the work as substantial, seminal, and scholarly
  • Contributions to improvements in the human condition and quality of life
  • Use of the ideas, techniques, and creative work by industry, practitioners, and others

2. Importance of the scholarly work to students as evidenced by any of the following:

  • Influence of the nominee's scholarly and creative work on student learning
  • Effectiveness in furthering scholarship and creative activity among students
  • Quality and significance of related senior projects, theses, and other student work
  • Influence of the work on curriculum improvement and enhanced student learning experiences

3. Importance of the scholarly work to Cal Poly as evidenced by any of the following:

  • Enhancement of the reputation of Cal Poly or its academic units
  • Significance of grants and contracts received
  • Mentoring and facilitating the professional development of other faculty and staff
  • Recognition from industry, professional and academic organizations, and other institutions

2019-2020 Award Recipients

Scott Hazelwood

Biomedical Engineering, CENG

Foaad Khosmood

Computer Science and Software Engineering/Computer

Engineering, CENG

Diana Stanton

Theater & Dance, CLA

Previous Distinguished Scholarship Award Recipients

Year Award Presented Name and Department
  • Steven Klisch, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Marshall, Aerospace Engineering
  • Chris Kitts, Biological Science
  • William Hendricks, Recreation Parks & Tourism
  • Michael Geringer, Management
  • Jordi Puig-Suari, Aerospace Engineering
  • Patrice Engle, Psychology & Child Development
  • Dean Wendt, Biological Sciences
  • Estelle Basor, Mathematics
  • Rami Shani, Management


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