2023-2024 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Senate who serve the committee in like capacity, plus one senator for each college and one from Professional Consultative Services elected by the respective caucus. The Executive Committee is responsible for the planning and distribution of agenda to all senators and campus constituents, the selecting of committee members, the directing of studies to committees and receipt of reports therefrom for inclusion on the agenda, the filling of temporary vacancies and the approving of nominations and/or appointments by the Chair to the official committees.


Members of the Executive Committee
Position Name Dept Office Phone Email (@calpoly.edu) Term End
Senate Chair Jerusha Greenwood ExpIndMgmt 62050 jbgreenw 2024
Vice Chair Jose Navarro EthStudies 66268 jnavar17 2025
Statewide Senator Samuel Frame Physics 65802 sframe 2026
Statewide Senator Steve Rein Stats 62941 srein 2025
Provost Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore Admin 62246 cp-provost Ex Officio
Past Chair Tom Gutierrez Physics 62455 tdgutier 2024
ASI Ch/Board Siddharth Kartha ASI 61291 sskartha Ex Officio
ASI President Samuel Andrews ASI 61291 ssandrew Ex Officio
CFA President Lisa Kawamura CFA 62068 lkawamur Ex Officio
CAED - Caucus Chair Joseph Cleary ConstMgmt 62797 jocleary 2024
CAFES - Caucus Chair Sean Hurley AgriBus 62479 shurley 2025
CENG - Caucus Chair John Clements CompSci 66528 clements 2024
CLA - Caucus Chair Lauren Kolodziejski CommSt 62535 lkolodzi 2024
BCSM - Caucus Chair Leah Wood SOE 62709 awood17 2025
PCS - Caucus Chair Kara Hitchcock App-Advsng 65779 khitch01 w&s 2024

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