2018-2019 Senators

Membership of the Academic Senate consists of three elected senators from each college (Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences; Architecture and Environmental Design; Business; Engineering; Liberal Arts; and Science and Mathematics) plus one senator for each 30 faculty members or major fraction thereof. Personnel in Professional Consultative Services are represented by the formula of one senator per each fifteen members or major fraction thereof. Senators acting in an at-large capacity are the current Academic Senate Chair, the immediate Past Chair of the Academic Senate, and the two CSU statewide academic senators. Ex officio (nonvoting) members include the President of the University or designee, the Provost or designee, one representative from among the academic deans, the President and Chair for the Board of Directors of Associated Students, Inc., and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

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* Designates College Caucus Chair

By College: CAED, CAFES, OCOB, CENG, CLA, CSM, PCS, Ex Officio

2018-2019 SENATORS
Name Department College Office        Email (@calpoly.edu)


Ends spring

Alaniz, Ryan SocSci CLA 66261  ralaniz 2019
Alexander, Benjamin MHRIS OCOB 65305 balexa02 2020
Anderson, Christian WorldLang CLA 61620 cander55 2020
Armstrong, Jeff Pres Ofc President 66000 jarmstro Ex Off
Bass, Beverly LandArch CAED 62864 bjbass 2020
Bennion, Kelly Psyc&CD CLA 62674 kbennion W&S 2019
Bodemer, Margaret History CLA 62619 mbodemer Ex Off
Borges, Mark ASI/Ch/BOD ASI 61291 maborges Ex Off
Bridger, Sarah History CLA 62617 sbridger 2019
Brown, Ken Philo CLA 62974 dbrown07 2019
Call, Lewis CFA Pres CFA 62068 lcall Ex Off

Camp, Charles

Math CSM 61661 camp 2020
Campos, Fernando AniSci CAFES 66337 lcamposc 2019

Carr, Chris

Acctg OCOB 62657 ccarr 2020
Carroll, Jen Chem&BioChem CSM 61654 jacarrol 2020
Casassa, Federico Wine&Vit CAFES 62751 lcasassa S 2019
Colvin, Kurt I&MEngr CENG 62633 kcolvin 2020
D'Avignon, India Music CLA 62503 idavigno 2020
Danowitz, Andrew ElecEngr CENG 62756 adanowit 2020
da Silva, Bruno CompSci CENG 65541 bcdasilv S 2019
De la Fuente, Javier IndTech OCOB 61607 jdelafue 2019
Dodson Peterson, Jean Wine&Viti CAFES 62770 jdodsonp 2020
Durham, Garland Finance OCOB 61758 gbdurham 2019
Enz Finken, Kathleen Provost's Ofc Provost 62186 kenzfink Ex Off
Falessi, Davide CompSci CENG 62344 dfalessi 2020
Fashami, Jasmin President ASI 61291 jfashami Ex Off
Fernflores, Rachel Philo CLA 62330 rfernflo 2019
Fisher, Eric  Econ OCOB 62964 efisher 2020
Gillen, Glen Physics CSM 62364 ggillen 2019
Glanz, Hunter* Stats CSM 62796 hglanz 2019
Greve, Adrienne City&RegPlan CAED 61474 agreve 2019
Gutierrez, Thomas (VC) Physics CSM 62455 tdgutier 2019
Hackman, Christine Kine CSM 61363 chackman 2020
Hoover, Ben Hort&CS CAFES 66358 bkhoover S 2019
Humphrey, Keith StudAffairs VP StudAffs 61521 humphrey Ex Off
Hurley, Sean* Agribus CAFES 65050 shurley 2020
Kantorowski, Eric Chem&Biochem CSM 62796 ekantoro 2020
Khosmood, Foaad CompSci CENG 62911 foaad 2019
Kolodziejski, Lauren CommStudies CLA 62535 lkolodzi 2020
Laver, Gary Psych&CD Statewide Senator 62538 glaver 2020
Lin, Joyce Math CSM 65554 jlin46 2020
LoCascio, Jim MechEngr Statewide Senator 62375 jlocasci 2019
Navarro, Jose EthnicStudies CLA 66268 jnavar17 2020
O'Clair, Katherine* Library PCS 62690 koclair 2020
Pan, John I&MEmgr CENG 62540 pan 2019
Parker, Pamela HealthSrvcs PCS 61211 paparker 2019
Schaffner, Andrew Stats CSM 61545 aschaffn 2019
Schuster, Peter MechEngr CENG 62976 pschuste 2019
Schwartz, Gregory (LV S19) BioRes&AgEngr CAFES 60303 gschwa01 2020
Self, Brian MechEngr CENG 67993 bself 2019
Smith, Heather Stats CSM 66128 hsmith 2020
Starzyk, Gregory* ConstMgmt CAED 62110 gstarzyk 2019
Stegner, Dustin (CH) English CLA 61277 sptegner 2019
Surfleet, Chris (LV W&S 2019) NRMES CAFES 62743 csurflee 2019
Tomanek, Lars BioSci CSM 62437 ltomanek 2019
Vakalis, Ignatios* CompSci CENG 66285 ivakalis 2020
Weddige, Kristi CSM-Advising PCS 62192 kweddige 2020
Wendt, Dean Dean's Cncl CSM 62226 dwendt Ex Off
White, Emily Arch CAED 62036 ewhite14 2019
Williams, Jason (LV W 2019) Psyc&CD CLA 62843 jwilli26 2020
Wolfe-Chandler, Christina UniAdvsng PCS 65735 crwolfe 2019
Yeh, Grace EthStudies CLA 66229 gyeh 2019
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College of Architecture and Environmental Design Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring

Bass, Beverley

LandArch 62864 bjbass 2020
Greve, Adrienne City&RegPln 61474 agreve 2019
Starzyk, Gregory (CH) ConstMgmt 62110 gstarzyk 2019
White, Emily Arch 62036 ewhite14 2019
VACANT       2020
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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring
Campos, Fernando AniSci 66337 lcamposc 2019
Casassa, Federico Wine&Vit 62751 lcasassa S 2019*
Dodson Peterson, Jean Wine&Viti 62770 jdodsonp 2020
Edwards, Mark AniSci 62599 msedward 2019
Hoover, Ben Hort&CS 66358 bkhoover S 2019*
Hurley, Sean (CH) Agribus 65050 shurley 2020
Schwartz, Gregory (LV S 2019) BioRes&AgEngr 60303 gschwa01 2020
Surfleet, Chris (LV W&S 2019) NRMES 62743 csurflee 2019*
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College of Business Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring

Alexander, Benjamin

MHRIS 65303 balexa02 2020
Carr, Chris Acctg 62657 ccarr 2020
De la Fuente, Javier IndTech 61607 jdelafue 2019
Durham, Garland Finance 61758 gbdurham 2019
Fisher, Eric (CH) Econ 62964 efisher 2020
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College of Engineering Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring
Colvin, Kurt I&MEngr 62633 kcolvin 2020
Danowitz, Andrew ElecEngr 62756 adanowit 2020
Falessi, Davide CompSci 62344 dfalessi 2020
Khosmood, Foaad CompSci 62911 foaad 2019
Pan, John I&MEngr 62540 pan 2019
Schuster, Peter MechEngr 62976 pschuste 2019
Self, Brian MechEngr 67993 bself 2019
Vakalis, Ignatios (CH) CompSci 66285 ivakalis 2020
LoCascio, Jim (stwd) MechEngr 62375 jlocasci 2019
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College of Liberal Arts Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring
Alaniz, Ryan SocSci 66261 ralaniz 2019
Anderson, Christian WorldLang 61620 cander55 2020
Bennion, Kelly Psyc&CD 62674 kbennion W&S2019
Bridger, Sarah History 62617 sbridger 2019
Brown, Ken (CH) Philo 62974 dbrown07 2019*
D'Avignon, India Music 62503 idavigno 2020
Fernflores, Rachel Philo 62330 rfernflo 2019
Kolodziejski, Lauren CommStudies 62535 lkolodzi 2020
Navarro, Jose EthnicStudies 62411 jnavar17 2020
Williams, Jason (LV W&S 2019) Psyc & CD 62843 jwilli26 2020*
Yeh, Grace EthStudies 66229 gyeh 2019*
Laver, Gary (stwd) Psyc&CD 62538 glaver 2020
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College of Science and Mathematics Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring
Camp, Charles Math 61661 camp 2020
Carroll, Jennifer Chem&Bio 61654 jacarrol 2020
Gillen, Glen Physics 62364 ggillen 2019
Glanz, Hunter (CH) Stats 62792 hglanz 2019
Gutierrez, Thomas Physics 62455 tdgutier 2019
Hackman, Christine Kines 61363 chackman 2020
Kantorowski, Eric Chem&Biochem 62796 ekantoro 2020
Lin, Joyce Math 65554 jlin46 2020
Schaffner, Andrew Statistics 61545 aschaffn 2019
Smith, Heather Statistics 66128 hsmith 2020
Tomanek, Lars BioSci 62437 ltomanek 2019
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Professional Consultative Services Senators

Name Department Office Email Term ends spring

O'Clair, Katherine


Library 62690 koclair 2020
Parker, Pamela HealthSrvcs 61211 paparker 2019
Weddige, Kristi CSM, Advsng 62192 kweddige 2020
Wolfe-Chandler, Christina UnivAdvsng 65735 crwolfe 2019
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Ex Officio Members

Name Position representing Email term ends spring
Armstrong, Jeff President President's Ofc jarmstro Ex Officio
Bodemer, Margaret P/T Empl. Rep CLA mbodemer Ex Officio
Borges, Mark Chair/BOD ASI maborges Ex Officio
Call, Lewis CFA President CFA  lcall Of Counsel

Enz Finken, Kathleen

Provost Provost's Ofc kenzfink Ex Officio
Fashami, Jasmin President ASI jfashami Ex Officio
Humphrey, Keith

VP StudAffs


Student Affiars




Ex Officio


Laver, Gary

Past AcSenCH


Statewide Senator


Cal Poly (Psyc&CD) glaver

Ex Officio




LoCascio, Jim Statewide Senator Cal Poly (MechEngr) jlocasci 2019
Wendt, Dean Dean/CSM Dean's Cncl dwendt Ex Officio
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