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2020-2021 Approved Resolutions


Resolution Number

Adopted Date

Resolution Title

Proposed By

AS-903-20 09/29/20 Resolution on Temporarily Suspending Virtual Learning Review Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-904-20 10/20/20 Resolution on Faculty Choice of Virtual Modality Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-905-20 11/10/20 Resolution Opposing the Implementation of AB1460/California Education Code 89032 (The California State University (CSU) Ethnic Studies Undergraduate Graduation Requirement) in General Education (Title V) Cal Poly Ethnic Studies Requirement Working Group
AS-906-20 11/17/20 Resolution on Suspending Credit/No Credit Grading Restrictions for AY 2020-2021 in Response to Covid-19 Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-907-20 11/17/20 Resolution on Emergency MPP Appointments Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-908-21 02/09/21 Resolution on University Faculty Personnel Policies Subchapter 12.4: Sabbatical and Difference in Pay Leaves Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-909-21 02/23/21 Resolution on New Academic Assessment Council Membership Academic Assessment Council
AS-910-21 02/23/21 Resolution on Updating the United States Cultural Pluralism (USCP) Educational Objectives  Academic Senate USCP Review Committee
AS-911-21 02/23/21 Resolution on Faculty Choice of Modality Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-912-21 02/23/21 Resolution on "Poly Access" Textbook Program Ryan Jenkins


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