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2016-2017 Approved Resolutions


Resolution Number

Adopted Date

Resolution Title

Proposed By

AS-840-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Defining Student Success Budget & Long-Range Planning Committee
AS-839-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Alternative Approaches to the Graduation Writing Requirement Dawn Janke, GWR Task Force Chair
AS-838-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Review of Courses with Condensed Time Schedules Curriculum Committee
AS-837-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Electronic WPAF and workflow in Faculty Evaluation Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-836-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Aligning USCP Criteria to Diversity Leaning Objectives with Oversight by GE Governance Board USCP Task Force
AS-835-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Proposing New Courses or Other Charges to Curricula Glen Thorncroft-CENG Senator, Paul Rinzler-CLA Senator, Lauren Garner-CAFES Senator
AS-834-17 06.06.17 Resolution on Rescinding Resolution AS-603-03/IC,CC,GEC [Resolution on Credit/No Credit Grading (CR/NC)] Executive Committee
AS-833-17 06.06.17 Resolution of Commendation for Gary Laver Academic Senate
AS-832-17 06.06.17 Resolution of Commendation for Craig Russell Executive Committee
AS-831-17 06.06.17 Resolution of Commendation for Manzar Foroohar Academic Senate
AS-830-17 05.30.17 Resolution of Commendation for Dean Phil Bailey for his Outstanding Service to Cal Poly The Academic Senate and Cal Poly Faculty
AS-829-17 05.09.17 Resolution on Proposed Faculty Personnel Policy Consent Agenda Procedures Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-828-17 05.09.17 Resolution on Area Name Change for the industrial Technology Area of the Orfalea College of Business The Industrial Technology area of Orfalea College of Business
AS-827-17 03.14.17 Resolution on In-Residence Requirement for Last 40 Units Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-826-17 03.14.17 Resolution to Establish Exit Interview Protocol and Request for Outside Review

Paul Choboter, Senator

Camille O'Bryant, Associate Dean CSM

Harvey Greenwald, Emeritus

Rose Duran, Academic Professionals of California Statewide Secretary

AS-825-17 03.14.17 Resolution on Academic Standards for Masters Degrees Richard Savage, Dean of Graduate Education
AS-824-17 01.24.17 Resolution in Support of Cal Poly's Undocumented Community Sarah Bridger, Senator
AS-823-16 12.06.16 Resolution on Proposed New Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Public Health Kris Jankovitz, Professor Department of Kinesiology
AS-822-16 12.06.16 Resolution on Proposal to Establish the Packaging Value Chain Center Jay SIngh, Professor and Packaging Program Director
AS-821-16 11.01.16 Resolution on Procedures for Online Student Evaluation of Instruction Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-820-16 10.10.16 Resolution on Proposed New Degree Program for Master of Science in Packaging Value Chain Jay Sing, Professor and Packaging Program Director

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