Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda is a component of the Academic Senate Meeting Agenda. Items appearing on the Consent Agenda are expected to be routine and noncontroversial. Common uses include, but are not limited to, modifications to departments, courses, programs, degrees; new courses; and editorial revisions to personnel policies (New departments, programs and degrees must include a resolution and follow the regular approval path for resolutions.)

Any item on the Consent Agenda may be moved to the regular agenda at the request of a Senator within the allowed time. If an item is so moved, it shall be placed on the Business Items of the agenda as a First Reading item. Certain Consent Agenda items, such as recommendations from the Curriculum Committee or Faculty Affairs Committee, may require special procedures.

Debate is not allowed on any item on the Consent Agenda, but questions for clarification are permitted.

Items not removed shall be approved by general consent without debate.

TO PULL A CONSENT AGENDA ITEM: Contact Sarah Best, Administrative Support Coordinator for the Academic Senate, at with the item you would like to appear as a business item.

2018-2019 Calendar of Meetings



CONSENT Agenda    


Item Approved

March 5

Academic Senate

3/5/19 Item A


3/5/19 Item B

February 26, 2019


March 12

Academic Senate

No Consent Agenda Items



April 9

Academic Senate

4/9/19 Item A


4/9/19 Item B

April 2, 2019


April 16

Academic Senate

4/16/19 Consent Agenda Item

April 9, 2019


April 30

Academic Senate

4/30/19 Consent Agenda Item

April 23, 2019


May 7

Academic Senate

5/7/19 Consent Agenda Item

April 30, 2019


May 21

Academic Senate

5/21/19 Consent Agenda Item

May 14, 2019


June 4

Academic Senate

6/4/19 Item A


6/4/19 Item B

May 28, 2019


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