WASC - Learn by Doing Task Force


To produce a resolution for Senate consideration stating what learn-by-doing is and what it means in relation to GE and diversity learning.



CHAIR - Tom Trice, History

Casey Callaghan, Animal Nutrition Center

Jeanine Scaramozzino, Library

Jessica Bruno, Political Science

John Harris, Natural Resources Management

John Lyons, Continuing Education

John Walker, Statistics

Kathryn McCormick, Art & Design

Kimi Ikeda, Academic Affairs

Kristin Porter, Mechanical Engineering

Linda Sandy, IYS

Luanne Fose, CTL/ITS

Lynn Slivovsky, Electrical Engineering

Mary Whiteford, Academic Programs

Phil Barlow, Construction Management

Robert Delmore, Animal Science

Stern Neill, Marketing

Tina Muller, University Housing


Resolution on a Working Definition of Learn by Doing

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