Semester Conversion Steering Task Force

If you're interested in serving on the task force as a college/PCS representative or as a lecturer representative, please fill out a statement of interest that you can find here.
Please outline your interest in serving on the Semester Conversion Steering Task Force including any experience you have with substantive institutional change.
Compensation: 4 WTUs per academic year 2022-2023, 2023-2024, if needed 2024-2025

Description of Task Force:

The semester conversion steering task force is a multi-year committee charged with the development of a comprehensive semester conversion plan, including its implementation and monitoring of achievements. The comprehensive conversion plan should include an analysis of impacted areas. In addition, the committee is responsible for tracking deadlines and milestones, as well as the development of guiding principles for converting and post-conversion. The task force should also determine what additional sub-task forces are needed and at what stages for a successful conversion.


  • Director of Semester Conversion (co-chair)
  • Project Manager (co-chair)
  • Faculty Fellow of Semester Conversion
  • Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Appointee (nominated by ASCC)
  • Academic Senate General Education Governance Board Appointee (nominated by GEGB)
  • Academic Senate Chair or designee
  • One full time faculty member from each college and one faculty member from PCS (tenured/tenure track/lecturers) (7 total, nominated by the Academic Senate Executive Committee)
  • One at-large part-time faculty lecturer (nominated by the Academic Senate Executive Committee in accordance with Academic Senate By-laws and Constitution)
  • Two student appointees (nominated by the President, Associated Students, Inc.)
  • *Appointee from the Office of the Registrar
  • *Appointee from Academic Programs and Planning
  • *Appointee from University Advising
  • *Appointee from Institutional Effectiveness
  • *Appointee from University Personnel and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • *Appointee from Administration and Finance
  • *Appointee from Information Technology Services
  • *Appointee from University Communications and Marketing
  • *Appointee from Student Affairs
  • *Appointee from Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • *Appointee from University Development and Alumni Engagement
  • One Academic Dean, nominated by the Academic Deans
*Note that these appointments are made by the Vice President responsible for each of these areas.
Name Department College/Unit Email (
  Director of Semester Conversion (co-chair)    
  Project Manager (co-chair)    
  Faculty Fellow of Semester Conversion    
Lammert, Amy ASCC Rep CAFES alammert
Laver, Gary GEGB CLA glaver
Greenwood, Jerusha Academic Senate Chair Designee CAFES jbgreenw
Malama, Bwalya CAFES Rep CAFES bmalama
Mehiel, Eric CENG Rep CENG emehiel
Jackson, Thanayi CLA Rep CLA tjacks25
Frame, Samuel CSM Rep CSM sframe
Alexander, Benjamin OCOB Rep OCOB balexa02
Kwapnoski, Tiffany PCS Rep PCS tkwapnos
Jacobs, Nicole Part-Time Faculty Rep CLA njacobs
  Admin Registrar  
  Admin AP&P  
  Admin University Advising  
  Admin Institutional Effectiveness  
  Admin University Personnel  
  Admin AFD  
  Admin ITS  
  Admin University Comms. & Marketing  
  Admin Student Affairs  
  Admin OUDI  
  Admin University Development and Alumni Engagement  
  Dean Dean  

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