On-Line Education Task Force


Review and if necessary revise Distant Education Policy, develop principles and description of the direction Cal Poly wants to go with on-line education, including how to manage on-line curriculum and intellectual property. 



CHAIR - Ken Griggs, Faculty - Management

Andrew Schaffner, Faculty - Statistics

Arlene Grant-Holcomb, Faculty - Food Science & Nutrition

Brian Greenwood, Faculty - RPTA

Cem Sunata, Registrar

Elizabeth Meyer, Faculty - School of Education

Eric Mehiel, Faculty - Aerospace Engineering

Francisco Fernflores, Faculty - Philosophy

Gary Laver, Faculty - Psychology & Child Development

Kevin Lerwachara, Faculty - Management

Mark Bieraugel, Faculty - Library

Michael Miller, IT/CIO



Online Education - Memo

Online education pilot program - Memo

Options for the CSU in the Online Higher Education Market by Richard N. Katz & Associates

PowerPoint Presentation

Resolution Calling for a Suspension of the CSU Online Initiative by CSU San Bernardino

Resolution on eLearning Policy

Resolution on Direction of Expenditures for the CSU Online Initiative

Fall Quarter 2011 Report

Year End Status Report - 2012

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