General Education Task Force (2009-2010)


This task force will be looking at GE with a mind to progress to degree, especially in finding bottlenecks, unnecessary pre requisites, and other practices.  Some of the work will be related to work that other Academic Senate Committees are undertaking.


CHAIR - Rachel Fernflores, Faculty - Philosophy

Alice Mueller, Faculty - CAED

Aydin Nazmi, Faculty - CAFES

Dan Villegas, Faculty - OCOB

Gary Laver, Faculty - Academic Senate Rep

Josh Machamer, Faculty - CLA

Linda Vanasupa, Faculty - CENG

Navjit Brar, Faculty - PCS

Richard Saenz, Faculty - Academic Senate Rep

Samuel Frame, Faculty - CSM

Tricia Rosas, ASI


Cem Sunata, Registrar

Fred DePiero, Associate Dean

Mary Whiteford, Academic Programs (of counsel)

Phil Bailey, Dean



Answers to GE Breakout Group Questions - 2009-2010 Academic Senate Retreat

Resolution on the Establishment of an Academic Senate General Education Governance Board

Resolution on the Establishment of an Academic Senate Curriculum Appeals Committee

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