Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee

Description of Functions:

The Committee is to gather input from students as well as Cal Poly leadership about the Student Success Fee-related priorities and needs in their areas, and the university in general, for the subsequent academic year. As the Committee considers the needs, it is to be aware of the prior year funding commitments and the continuing effect of those commitments.

The Committee will meet annually to review these needs to recommend to the President for funding with the revenue from the Student Success Fee. The Committee may rank the ideas for funding in priority order or, in some manner, emphasize key priorities.

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2015-2016 Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee - Annual Report (PDF)

Committee Chair:

Samuel Andrews, ASI President

Cindy Vizcaíno Villa, Vice President for Administration & Finance

Academic Senate Term:

1 year, no maximum

Academic Senate Representative (Academic Senate Chair or Designee):

Jerusha Greenwood (2023-2024)


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