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                                                 SYLLABI ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERY CLASS

  • What information must be included in every course syllabi?

What information must be included in every course syllabi?

Every instructor shall make available to each student in her/his class, during the first class meeting, a written course syllabi providing:

  • Instructor's contact information including office hours and office locations

  • A list of required text(s) and supplementary material for the course

  • Methods and expectations for assessing/grading student performance for the course

  • Attendance requirements and make up policy (if applicable)

  • Other information the instructor deems necessary to assure the student's understanding of the nature, requirements, and expectations of the course

Every instructor shall be required to spend a portion of the first meeting of the class discussing the course syllabus.

Faculty have final responsibility for grading criteria and grading judgment and have the right to alter student assessment or other parts of the syllabi during the term.

The Academic Senate has approved the following resolutions outlining the content that should be included in very course syllabi:

Adopted April 26, 1988 - AS-282-88/IC - Resolution on Course Information/Syllabi

Adopted May 2, 2006 - AS-644-06 - Resolution on Course Syllabi

Adopted January 10, 2012 - AS-739-12 - Resolution on Course Learning Outcomes

These resolutions clearly indicate the freedom of the faculty  to make changes as required during the course of a quarter.

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