FAQ - Employment Equity/Equal Opportunity


Where do I find specific information on Employment Equity/Equal Opportunity policies?

The Office of Employment Equity is now the Office of Equal Opportunity.  For specific policies, please visit the Equal Opportunity website:


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What is Assembly Bill 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Assembly Bill 1825 is a state law that mandates all members of the CSU community identified as supervisors to take two hours of sexual harassment prevention training. Each individual identified as a supervisor will be required to take this training on a two-year cycle, as well as within the first six months of his or her assumption of supervisory duties. The Office of Employment Equity works with the Dean's/Vice Provost's Office to identify supervisors within each unit and facilitate the training for the Cal Poly campus.

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How do I determine if I have a valid discrimination complaint?

Individuals wishing to determine which policy/procedure applies to them should view the Complaint and Action Guidelines Table.

If you have further questions regarding Campus or CSU policies on discrimination, harassment and retaliation, please contact the Director of Equal Opportunity at 805-756-1400.

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Is there a policy on amorous/sexual relationships with students?

It is Cal Poly’s policy that faculty members or other instructional staff shall not initiate, pursue, or be involved in any amorous or sexual relationships with any student whom they evaluate or supervise by virtue of their teaching, research, or administrative responsibility. Contact the Director of Employment Equity at 805-756-6770

Resolution on Amorous Relationships (AS-471-96/SWC)

Faculty should seek friendships and romantic relationships from peers and not from students. Personal relationships between faculty and students should be platonic, mutually respectful, and non-exploitative.  One-on-one socializing (especially away from campus) between faculty members and students should be avoided.  Faculty should not rely upon the absence of complaints as evidence that their behavior is welcome since students frequently find it intimidating or overwhelming to speak up about behaviors that makes them uncomfortable.   It is the responsibility of the faculty member, as the person with the most power in this situation, to maintain appropriate boundaries.

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Who is required to report child abuse?

CSU Executive Order 1083 designates all CSU employees, including faculty, as mandated reporters of suspected child abuse. 


For more information, please contact the Director of Employment Equity at 805-756-6770

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