FAQ - Disability Resource Center (DRC) - What Services Are Available


Faculty is obligated to ensure that all students have equal access and opportunity to participate fully in the course's educational activities.

Any questions about students with disabilities can be addressed to Disability Resource Center (DRC), at 805-756-1396 or by email to drc@calpoly.edu.


What are the most used services DRC provides?

The most common DRC accommodations are now managed through the online portal.

Ten Things Faculty Should Know about Students with Disabilities

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What does it mean if a student has a DRC "VISA" (Verified Instructional Services and Accommodations)?

If a student has a VISA, it means that the DRC staff has determined that the student has a medical condition/impairment that qualifies as a disability. Students requesting accommodations should present a copy of their VISA.  If a student does not have a VISA, your options are to refer them to the DRC or, as is your prerogative, to provide the accommodations.

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What does it mean if a student gives his or her instructor a DRC VISA?

Accommodating students who present a VISA is a shared responsibility between the student, faculty, and the DRC. The DRC endorses specific accommodations based upon the documentation submitted by the student.

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