Academic Assessment Council

Description of Functions:

The Academic Assessment Council is responsible for the lead and coordination of campus assessment efforts, the creation of a central repository for information and resources related to assessment, review annual reports, and report the results to the campus community.

Click here for Academic Assessment Council description (PDF)

Description of membership AS-909-21 (pdf)

Academic Senate Term:

3 years, no maximum

Academic Senate Representatives (8 representatives):

CAED - Carmen Trudell (2022-2025)

CAFES - Marc Horney (2022-2025)

CENG - Amro El Badawy (2023-2026)

CLA - Xiaoying Rong (2021-2024)

CSM - Joyce LinĀ (2021-2024)

OCOB - David Chamberlain (2023-2026)

PCS - Leyla Cabugos (2023-2026)

School of Education - Andrew Byrne (2021-2024)

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