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2023-2024 Approved Resolutions


Resolution Number

Adopted Date

Resolution Title

Proposed By

AS-964-23 October 31, 2023 Resolution on In-Residence Requirement for Last 30 Units for Quarter-to-Semester Conversion Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-965-23 October 31, 2023 Resolution on UFPP 116. Academic Unit Reorganization Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-966-23 December 5, 2023 Resolution on Revisions to UFPP 6.2: Probationary Faculty Evaluation Patterns Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-967-24 February 13, 2024 Resolution to Change the Add-Drop Period for Five-Week Summer Terms Academic Senate Instruction Committee
AS-968-24 February 27, 2024 Resolution on Grade Forgiveness and Course Repeats Effective Fall Term 2026 Academic Senate Instruction Committee
AS-969-24 February 27, 2024 Resolution on the Senate Curriculum Appeals Committee Membership and Appeals Process Academic Senate Executive Committee


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