ad hoc AY 2021-2022 Semester Conversion Committee

The Academic Senate has created an ad hoc AY 2021-2022 Semester Conversion Committee to assist Drs. Fernflores and Keen. 

Charges of ad hoc committee:

Charge: Develop resolutions related to semester conversion for Academic Senate approval this academic year.

Priority List:

Deliverables for items on the priority list are resolutions due in the Academic Senate office on or by April 14, 2022 (earlier is preferable):                                        

  1. Adopt a semester term (e.g., 14 or 15 weeks?)

  2. Course unit and scheduling models

  3. Curriculum approval processes for courses revised for semesters

Also a priority:

Deliverable: list for semester conversion leadership team who will develop a survey for faculty, submitted to the Academic Senate office by February 27, 2022.

  1. Brainstorm activity (45 minutes): provide the list of top ten questions the faculty should be asked so that we can learn their main priorities regarding conversion processes, outcomes, and objectives

Secondary List:

Deliverable items for items on the secondary list are short 1-2 pages summaries of discussions. Discuss semester conversion related options including:

  1. Expected faculty workload in semesters

  2. Options for improved implementation of Teacher-Scholar Model in semesters

Academic Senate ad hoc 2021-2022 Semester Conversion Committee Members:

Name Department College/Unit Email (
Alexander, Benjamin Faculty At Large OCOB balexa02
Bensky, Thomas Faculty At Large CSM tbensky
Call, Lewis CFA Rep CLA lcall
Gutierrez, Thomas Academic Senate Chair CSM tdgutier
Jankovitz, Kris IC Rep CSM kjankovi
Kekaha, Michelle Registrar Admin akraetsc
Keen, Aaron  Semester Conversion Director CENG akeen
Kim, Andrew Student ASI akim195
Lammert, Amy ASCC Rep CAFES alammert
Laver, Gary GEGB Rep CLA glaver
Loarie, Tess Student ASI tloarie
Morris, Andrew AcadPrg&Plng Admin admorris
Parsons, Daniel Registrar Admin daparson
Self, Brian BLRP rep CENG bself
Stegner, Dustin (CH) Chair of Committee CLA pstegner
Yeh, Grace USCP Rep CLA gyeh
  Faculty At Large


AS-942-22 Resolution to Establish Semester Terms - Pesident Armstrong acknowledged August 23, 2022

AS-944-22 Resolution on Units of Credit and Time Patterns on Semester Terms - Pesident Armstrong acknowledged August 23, 2022

AS-946-22 Resolution to Establish Processes for Curriculum and Academic Program                      Proposal Review for Conversion to Semesters - President Armstrong  acknowledged July 19, 2022

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