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2014-2015 Approved Resolutions


Resolution Number

Adopted Date

Resolution Title

Proposed By

  AS-797-15 05.05.15 Resolution on Proposal to Establish a Master of Science in Nutrition The Food Science and Nutrition Department
  AS-796-15 05.05.15 Resolution on the New Registration System Tom Gutierrez, CSM Caucus Chair and Harvey Greenwald, Math Department
  AS-795-15 05.05.15 Resolution on Faculty, Staff, and Management Compensation Manzar Foroohar, ASCSU Senator
  AS-794-15 04.21.15 Resolution on Changes in Academic Senate Grants Review Committee Membership and Responsibilities Academic Senate Grants Review Committee
  AS-793-15 04.21.15 Resolution on Information Request About Contract Ratification Votes Academic Senate Executive Committee
  AS-792-15 04.21.15 Resolution on Approving Assessment Process for Courses Meeting Sustainability Learning Objectives Academic Senate Sustainability Committee
  AS-791-15 04.21.15 Resolution on Changes to the Bylaws of the Academic Senate Academic Senate Executive Committee
  AS-790-15 03.10.15 Resolution on Proposed New Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences The Department of Biological Sciences
  AS-789-15 03.03.15 Resolution on Exceptions to Scheduling Class Time Conflicts Academic Senate Instruction Committee
  AS-788-14 10.07.14 Resolution on the Adoption of Category II Fees Academic Senate Executive Committee

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