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2015-2016 Approved Resolutions


Resolution Number

Adopted Date

Resolution Title

Proposed By

  AS-813-16 05.03.16 Resolution in Support of Cal Poly Participation in the Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program of the College  Textbook Affordability Act of 2015 Open Educational Resources Task Force
  AS-812-16 04.12.16 Resolution Requesting that Cal Poly Administration Develop a Integrated Strategic Plan Academic Senate Budget & Long-Range Planning Committee
  AS-811-16 03.08.16 Resolution to Add the Function of Task Forces Academic Senate Executive Committee
  AS-810-16 02.12.16 Resolution on Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Membership Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
  AS-809-15 12.01.15 Resolution on Action to Promote Timely Completion of the Graduate Writing Requirement Academic Senate Executive Committee
  AS-808-15 11.17.15 Resolution on Revising the Criteria for the Distinguished Scholarship Awards Academic Senate Distinguished Scholarship Awards Committee
  AS-807-15 11.17.15 Resolution on Cal Poly Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity Inclusive Excellence Council
  AS-806-15 10.27.15 Resolution on California State University (CSU) 2015-2016 Presidential Searches Academic Senate Executive Committee

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