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2013-2014 Approved Resolutions


Resolution Number

Adopted Date

Resolution Title

Proposed By

AS-770-13 10.29.13 Resolution on Dissolving the Academic Senate Curriculum Graduate Subcommittee Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-771-13 10.29.13 Resolution on Proposal for the Establishment of the Kenneth N. Edwards Western Coatings Technology Center Dr. Raymond Fernando, Arthur C. Edwards Endowed Chair, Director: Polymers and Coatings Program, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Cal Poly
AS-772-13 11.19.13 Resolution on Increasing the Number of Annual Distinguished Scholarship Awards From Two to Three Academic Senate Distinguished Scholarship Awards Committee
AS-773-13 12.03.13 Resolution of Commendation for Margaret Camuso Past Academic Senate Chairs - S. Rein, R. Fernflores, B. Giberti, D. Hannings, G. Lewis, M. Hood, H. Greenwald, J. Murphy, A.C. Crabb
AS-774-14 01.14.14 Resolution on Graduate Certificate Matriculated Student Requirements Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-775-14 02.11.14 Resolution on Cross-Disciplinary Studies Minors Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-776-14 02.11.14 Resolution on Inactivating and Reactivating Courses Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-777-14 02.11.14 Resolution on Proposal to Establish the Strawberry Sustainability Research and Education Center C. Kitts, J. Peterson, and M. Shelton
AS-778-14 02.11.14 Resolution on Supporting ASI's Reaffirmation of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Commitment to the Quarter System Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-779-14 03.04.14 Resolution on Proposal to Establish the Center for Solutions Through Research in Diet and Exercise (STRIDE) A. Nazmi and K. Taylor, Kinesiology Department
AS-780-14 03.11.14 Resolution on Revisions to Policies Related to Centers and Institutes Academic Senate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Committee and Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-781-14 03.11.14 Resolution on Conflict of Interest in the Assignment of Course Materials Academic Senate Instruction Committee
AS-782-14 04.15.14 Resolution Supporting Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) Efforts to Re-Establish Appropriate Unit Limits for Engineering Degrees Academic Senate Executive Committee

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