The Academic Senate is the faculty governing body of the University representing approximately 1,000 faculty members. It is the principal agency for the formulation and recommendation of policy for the University and provides the mechanism for consultative participation by the University community in the administrative decisions of its President. This legislative body is comprised of 51 elected faculty representatives, 4 senior administrators, and 2 students.

The Academic Senate is constituted to formulate and evaluate policy and procedures on academic, fiscal, and personnel matters. The work of the Senate is accomplished through its several committees (comprised of approximately 150 faculty, administrators, and students), which study matters referred to them by the Academic Senate Executive Committee. Recommended action is forwarded to the Academic Senate for deliberation and then to the President for approval and implementation. In addition, the Academic Senate may make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the Academic Senate CSU that it judges will benefit the CSU.

The Academic Senate web address is http://academicsenate.calpoly.edu/ and contains a copy of all pertinent Senate documents (Constitution of the Faculty and Bylaws of the Academic Senate, current academic senators and Academic Senate committee memberships, the Academic Senate Calendar of Meetings, etc.) and other university information.

The Academic Senate office is located in building 38 (Mathematics and Science), room 143. The telephone number of the office is 805.756.1258 and office staff can be emailed at  ggregory@calpoly.edu (Gladys Gregory). This year's Academic Senate Chair is Gary Laver (Psychology & Child Development Department) who can be reached at 805.756.2033 or glaver@calpoly.edu. Please feel free to contact the Chair or the Senate office staff with any questions or comments you may have.

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