Distinguished Teaching Award

2016-2017 Nomination Period is now CLOSED

The Distinguished Teaching Award was established to recognize faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching at Cal Poly.  Given the mission of the University, this prestigious award represents an enormous honor to those selected to receive it.   The award is especially significant since only students and alumni – those who have been touched by the faculty – are eligible to submit nominations. The rigorous evaluation process is conducted by peer faculty members and is based on reviews of written documentation and extensive in-class visitations.   The University takes great pride in thanking award winners at several important public events, highlighting the crucial role that great teaching plays at Cal Poly.

Any student or alumnus may submit one or more nominations, which includes the professor's name, department, and a supporting statement containing evidence of merit based upon criteria below.


Criteria for the award:

  • content and quality of material presented
  • teaching procedures that contribute to student interest, enthusiasm, achievement, and that stimulates thinking
  • techniques that show excellence in teaching
  • innovative instructional approaches
  • a high degree of interaction with students
  • high personal and professional standards
  • clear and well-organized activities, lectures, or labs
  • concern for individual student success
  • fair, rigorous methods for evaluating students'''' progress, evidence of significant professional development as it relates to teaching excellence

Please Note:

Only full time tenured faculty members teaching during this academic year who have not previously won the award are eligible.

To nominate, students must have a university email account in their name and indicate their major, email address, and a telephone number for verification.

The Distinguished Teaching Award is supported financially by the Cal Poly Alumni Association                     

2015-2016 Award Recipient

Robert Clark

Kinesiology, CSM

Karen Munoz-Christian

Modern Languages &

Literatures, CLA

Soma Roy

Statistics, CSM


Previous Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

List of faculty members who are currently teaching/not eligible
Armstrong, Mary Bailey, Christina Ball, Stephen Barnes, Timothy Bergman, Sky
Brown, Ronald Burgunder, Lee Bush, Seth Clark, Kevin Cotkin, George
Davies, Thomas DeJong, Alvin DeNatale, Jay DePiero, Fred Devore, Jay
di Santo, Thomas Duffy, Bernard Duffy, Susan Fahs, Michael Fidopiastis, Pat
Fitzhenry, William Frayne, Colette Gragson, Derek Greenwald, Harvey Grundmeier, Todd
Halisky, Linda Hallock, Brent Hampsey, John Headrick, David Jankay, Peter
Johnson, William Jones, Dane Kantorowski, Eric Keeling, David Keeling, Elena
Keil, Dave Lucas, Michael Maas, Donald MacCurdy, Carol Machamer, Josh
Marx, Steven McLamore, Alyson Miller, Charles "Tad" Miller, Michael B Moelter, Matt
Moore, Matthew Mueller, James Mullisen, Ronald Nakamura, Raymond Nelson, Yarrow
Noland, Jaymie O'Bryant, Camille Pedersen, Mary Preston, William Retsek, Dylan
Ritter, Matt Russell, Craig Ryujin, Donald Scriven, Talmage Shani, Abraham
Slem, Charles Smidt, Bob Staley, Clint Stannard, Sandra Stegner, Dustin
Taylor, Emily Taylor, Kevin J Toker, Umut Van Draanen, Nanine Vanasupa, Linda
Zohns, Mark        


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