2009-2010 Resolutions

Resolution Number Adopted Date Resolution Title Presented By
AS-715-10 06.01.10 Resolution on the Academic Senate Policy and Procedures for Reorganization of Academic Programs and Academic Units and Suspension of Programs Academic Senate Spring 2010 Mergers, Suspension, and Reorganization Task Force
AS-714-10 06.01.10 Resolution on Mandatory Early Start Programs English and Mathematics Departments
AS-713-10 05.18.10 Resolution on the Establishment of an Academic Senate General Education Governance Board Academic Senate 2009-10 GE Task Force
AS-712-10 05.18.10 Resolution on Emerging Technologies, Policy and Ethics Center (ETPEC) Liberal Arts and Engineering Colleges
AS-711-10 05.04.10 Resolution on the Establishment of an Academic Senate Curriculum Appeals Committee Academic Senate Curriculum Committee and Academic Senate 2009-10 GE Task Force
AS-710-10 05.04.10 Resolution of Commendation for President Baker for 31 Years of Outstanding Service to Cal Poly Academic Senate
AS-709-10 05.04.10 Resolution on Private Donors Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-708-10 04.13.10 Resolution on Addition to Academic Senate Bylaws of the Academic Senate to Include Process for First and Second Readings Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-707-10 04.13.10 Resolution on Selection Process for the Nomination of Faculty Representatives to the Advisory Committee for the Selection of Campus President Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-706-10 03.09.10 Resolution on Campus Wide Change of Major Policy Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-705-10 03.02.10 Resolution on Revision of Cal Poly Mission Statement to Include Staff Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-704-10 03.02.10 Resolution on Proposed New Pilot Degree Program: Masters of Science in Fire Protection Engineering Academic Senate Curriculum Committee
AS-703-10 03.02.10 Resolution on Proposal for the Establishment of the University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Orfalea College of Business
AS-702-10 02.09.10 Resolution on Grade Forgiveness Academic Senate Instruction Committee
AS-701-10 02.09.10 Resolution on Faculty Participation in DigitalCommons@CalPoly Academic Senate Research and Professional Development Committee
AS-700-10 02.09.10 Resolution on Program Suspension Academic Senate Faculty Affairs and Research and Professional Development Committees
AS-699-09 12.01.09 Resolution on Incomplete "I" Agreements Academic Senate Instruction Committee
AS-698-09 12.01.09 Resolution on Furlough Implementation and Faculty Rights Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-697-09 12.01.09 Resolution on Furlough Vote and Implementation Plans Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-696-09 12.01.09 Resolution on AB 656 College of Engineering Caucus
AS-695-09 11.17.09 Resolution on the Cal Poly Statement on Commitment to Community Academic Senate Executive Committee
AS-694-09 07.16.09 Resolution on College-Based Fees (resolution is not available for viewing) Executive Committee


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