2017-2018 Meeting Calendar

All Senate meetings are held in UU-220, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted in the agenda. All Executive Committee meetings are held in 01-409, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted in the agenda. The calendar is structured to have an Executive Committee meeting the Tuesday following each Academic Senate meeting. It also allows for 14 days between the Executive Committee and the Academic Senate meetings for the completion and timely delivery of the agenda to all senators.

NOTE: Agendas and minutes are PDF documents which have been made accessible to the best of our ability. If you encounter any difficulties, please call 805-756-1259.

All Academic Senate agendas and minutes are digitally archived on DigitalCommons@calpoly.edu to ensure permanent URLs and to allow for in-text document searches of these documents.  To see the digital archives, please visit: http://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/academicsenate/

2017-2018 Calendar of Meetings

Date               Meeting           Agenda    


September  8 (1:30-5:30 pm, UU 220) Academic Senate Retreat    


September 19 Executive Committee    
October 3 Academic Senate  
October 10 Executive Committee    
October 24 Academic Senate    
October 31 Executive Committee    
November 7 Executive Committee (if needed)    
November 14 Academic Senate    
November 28 Academic Senate (if needed)    

December 4, 2017 - January 7, 2018


Finals week/quarter break


January 9 Executive Committee    
January 23 Academic Senate    
January 30 Executive Committee    
February 6 Academic Senate    
February 13 Executive Committee    

February 27

Executive Committee (if needed)

March 6 Academic Senate    
March 13 Academic Senate (if needed)    

March 19 - April 1, 2018


Finals week/quarter break


April 3 Executive Committee    
April 17 Academic Senate    
April 24 Executive Committee    
May 8 Academic Senate    
May 18 Executive Committee    
May 22 Executive Committee (if needed)    
May 29 Academic Senate    
June 5 Academic Senate (if needed)    
June 12 - June 22, 2018 Finals week/quarter break    
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